Driving the POSSIBILITIES with Top Japanese Marketers. #01

The other side of Tokyo Olympics by Mr. Takashi Wasa, Coca-Cola, CMO for Japan.


Let us introduce a new series of videos interview with the top marketers on the front lines both in Japan and overseas, to unravel the current state of marketing and communications in Japan.

The interviewer is Mr. Daizo Nishitani, President of ALPHABOAT LLC, a company specializing in branded communications & creatives in the field of digital and social domains.

This interview video series will be set with the ALPHABOAT's state-of-the-art "XR STUDIO" with overwhelming quality like a movie set.

Changes in marketing communication after COVID-19

The first guest is Mr. Takashi Wasa, Coca-Cola, Chief Marketing Officer for Japan and Korea. He introduced Coca-Cola's first alcoholic beverage brand "Lemon-do", which has become a standard brand in the huge alcoholic lemon-sour genre in Japan. He oversees not only the marketing department in Japan but also in South Korea. Mr. Nishitani interviewed about what's important points in marketing communication and consumer behavior that have changed significantly due to the COVID-19 disaster. The Grand Canyon XR STUDIO was chosen as the stage for this interview.

This video was originally prepared for the conference in South Korea called "MAD STARS 2022" in Busan, in August 2022, with the theme of "DISCUSSING WHAT HAS BEEN CHANGED, AND WHAT'S NOT?".This session was planned and set up by a company called NANOVATION Inc., a Japanese company that sets up various marketing events and conferences.
The Grand Canyon XR studio was chosen as the stage for this interview.