Driving the POSSIBILITIES with Top Japanese Marketers. #03

Deep dive into the “Japan Market” with Mr. Dáisuke Otobe, DBA, CEO of Coup Marketing Company Inc.

The changing marketplace and what we can do to make a tangible differences with Ms. Kyoko Matsushita, CEO, WPP (Japan).

 This video series of interviews invites top-ideotier marketers on the front lines to share their experiences and unravel the state of marketing communications in Japan.The interviewer is Mr. Daizo Nishitani, is President of ALPHABOAT LLC, a company specializing in branded communications and creatives across digital and social domains.

 These harnesses ALPHABOAT's state-of-the-art " "XR STUDIO" " which delivers best-in-class quality, just like a movie set.

What makes this market uniquely different?

 Besides customs, cultures, or languages, what makes this Japanese Market unique? This may sound too vague, but we would like to go through this broad question with Mr. Dáisuke Otobe.

 Mr. Otobe started his strong and unique marketing career as Brand Manager at P&G. Then he was in critical roles in several Japanese Brands, including the ex-CMO of SHISEIDO. As Mr. Otobe is the CEO of Coup Marketing Company Inc., he is strongly supporting many Brands, both Japanese and Internationals.

 Japan market entry. Tips you should do or should not do? Mr. Otobe is keen to answer this question clearly. He suggests, “Do not follow the Leader-Brand who is dominating the market here in Japan”. If you are curious to know more about what he insisted, please find out his insightful advice by watching the video!